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How To Increase Your Conversion Rate By Optimizing Your Website

Many websites have a low conversion rate, so they lose many customers that could increase their profits. The average website conversion rate is between 1.84% and 3.71%, but many sites can't reach even 1% because they don't take the right actions. Below, you will read how to increase your conversion rates by optimizing various aspects of your website.

1. Optimize User Experience

You can't get the maximum from a website if the technical parts don't work properly and the user can't find what he wants. User experience includes different elements that could affect your conversion rate.

First, you need to make sure that your website has fast pages. If it is too slow, many visitors will click the back button before they get your content. The faster your website, the less traffic you lose. Many factors affect the website loading time like images, server response, CSS and Javascript files, etc.

The design of your website will affect the user experience as well. People don't like outdated websites with ugly colors. All the elements of your site must make sense and look nice. In most cases, you will need a good web designer to create a nice site or update an existing one.

2. Add More Content

If you can add valuable content to your website, it will definitely improve your conversion rates. You can add more blog posts, videos, infographics, or any other type of content that is relevant to your niche.

When your potential customers find helpful content, they will spend more time on your website, so they will click your calls to action often. It is critical to focus on topics they care about because they will not come back for irrelevant posts. Lastly, they have more chances to convert if they get your message over and over again.

Content can also help with branding. Potential customers will remember that they got help from your website and will talk about it and send more people on it. They will remember your website name, logo, and products, so they will come back in the future.

3. Update Old Content

Many website owners publish content once and then forget about it. When the content gets outdated, the conversion rates will start decreasing because it will have less value for your target audience. Old content can also lose all the traffic that used to get if it was ranked on the first page of Google.

A content update that will include the latest information on a topic will reattract all the traffic and increase the conversion rates. It probably requires some research and work, but it is easier to update old posts than to create a new piece of content on the same topic.

4. Social Proof

Conversion rates increase when your customers see other people who had success stories with your products. Whether you sell digital products, physical products, or services, success stories always encourage new and repeat customers.

The best way to add social proof is by requesting a few video testimonials from happy customers. You can add these videos on a sales page, the homepage, or another important page of your website. You can be sure that many visitors will watch them before buying something or sharing their email addresses.

Social media can add social proof if you build a big following or have influencers to take about your products. Your social media posts can include messages and images of happy customers as well.

5. Create Scarcity

Scarcity increases the value of your offers and products because they will be available forever. So, the visitors have to harry, or they will lose the desired offer. It's a great trick that can explode the conversion rates for a while. For example, sales go up on Christmas because there are offers and promos for specific days.

You can follow the same strategy on your website by adding a countdown timer for your offers. Another idea is to offer limited copies of a promotion and then return to normal.

6. Make It Easy For Your Visitors

If it is not easy to find your offers and products, your visitors will leave your site without converting. People have too many options these days, so they will not waste much time on dysfunctional websites. Even if you have a great user experience, you must make your offers obvious and easy to get them.

Some websites don't include a promotion or an email form on their homepages at all. It means that the visitors must take many steps to find what they search for. When they need to take only one or two actions, the conversion rates will go up.

The next problem that can hurt your conversion rate is when they leave their contact details or complete a purchase. They should not complete more forms than what is required. For example, you can get more conversions when you ask only for an email address than asking for a phone number as well.

7. Add A Popup To Your Website

According to a study, popups improve your conversion rates by over 30% on average. They will work on most websites because they inform the visitors of your offer right away. If you combine a popup with the other ideas on this post, you can get impressive results.

However, popups interrupt the user experience and can be a problem both for users and search engines. You can avoid potential problems by adding a timer that will delay the popup, show the popup only once per visitor, and just have a great offer that they like.

8. Improve Your Calls To Action (CTA)

The CTA copy is critical for your conversion rates. Depending on the goal of your website and your offer, you can adjust the CTAs for the best results. For example, you can get some results with simple CTAs like "sign up," or you can write something more creative like "Yes, I want my offer".

The placement, the button, and the colors will affect the conversion rates of your website. You need to test different variations until getting the best possible results. All these elements must make sense to the visitor in most cases.

9. Offer Customer Support On Your Website

You can offer support by adding a live chat, create a FAQ page, or just receive emails to answer their questions. Great support can boost conversion rates because it increases the trust between your brand and potential customers. Even if you answer only simple questions, it can be enough to solve problems and help your visitors.

A live chat can also guide your visitors to your website. It can show them the best page based on their preferences or the right offer for them. Many visitors get confused and don't find what they search for, so a live chat solves these issues. If you don't want to hire people for these tasks, you can add a chatbot that could answer simple questions.

10. Remove Distractions

A distraction can be anything that does not allow your visitors to reach the goal of your website, which is a conversion. For example, you can consider websites that have tons of banners and ads. Most visitors get distracted by these shiny objects and don't remain enough time on them.

If your goal is to get an email address or make a sale, your website should focus only on that goal. The content, the images, the banners, and all the other elements should be created to increase the conversion rate. Lastly, the landing page should not include external links or ads that send visitors on previous steps of the process.

11. Create A Valuable Offer

When you get conversions, it means that your visitors want to get your offer or product. It has value for them, so they decide to take the next step and click your CTA. So, you can boost the conversion instantly if you offer a more valuable offer.

All the improvements mentioned above will not help the conversion rate if the offer is not worth it. So, you can add something extra to an existing offer, update your product, offer a discount, etc.

12. A/B Testing

You need to test everything on your website and remove the parts that decrease the conversions rates. First, you need to test the headlines and the CTAs because they have a major impact on the conversion rates. You can always try new alternatives and improvements. A/B testing creates two variations of the same page, runs the test, and shows you the best variation.

Then, you can perform A/B tests for your popups, new elements that you add to your pages. Top internet marketers know that you can always make small improvements that will make a great difference in the long term.


You can use all these suggestions on most websites and check the results. Any improvement that helps your visitors and shows your offers can increase the conversion rate of your website. But it's important to test all the changes to make sure you get the best possible results.

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