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1 Legal and Establishment

The Journey Begins

Everything begins with a name and a business idea. Other topics that should be clarified before establishment are the choice of legal structure, the protection of trademark or patent rights and the preparation of required contracts.
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2 Logo and Design

First Impressions Count

Once your business is established, it's about giving your company a "face". In addition to an individual logo, you should also think about the design of business cards and stationery.
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3 Planning and Execution

Good Planning is Half the Battle

Planning and execution is the basis of every success. With a task manager or project management tool, you can break down your goals into milestones and subtasks, keeping track of them at all times.
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4 Website, Blog and Shop

Present Yourself to the World

It's hard to imagine a great business without an online presence nowadays. Present your service on a homepage or sell your products via an online store to customers from all over the world.
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5 Marketing and Sales

The Secret to Winning Customers

In order for users to find your website or online shop and attract first customers, you should take targeted marketing measures. This includes search engine optimization for Google & Co. or social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
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6 Customer-Management

How to Manage Customers

Once you have many customers, it's going to be about not losing track. With a CRM (Customer Relation Management) system, you can keep an eye on the status of each customer, efficiently process potential inquiries, and offer existing customers additional products or services.
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7 Finances and Accounting

How to Manage Finances

As your costs and revenues increase, good financial planning is very important and can decide on success and failure. Therefore, one should pay special attention to the topic of accounting right from the beginning.
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Customer reviews

What Our Customers Say

Hannes Wunsch
Hannes Wunsch
Modehaus Bär GmbH
My parents run a fashion house and the website was completely outdated. In search of a simple and cost-effective solution for the creation of a new website I came across the website builder "Jimdo". After getting to know the tool I got along well, within a few hours the website was ready. With the help of a modern online presence, customers can now find out more about our collections before they visit - that makes a positive impact during consultations. Finally, our Fashion House "Bär" has a contemporary face on the web!
5 out of 5 stars
Stephan Adler
Stephan Adler
In 2008, I founded my small advertising and travel agencies "Eagle Marketing" and "Eagle Travel Service" and was looking for an easy way to introduce myself to my customers and partners online. Using the MyWebsite plan from 1&1, I quickly created my own professional company homepage, which has become very extensive over the years. The creation of my company pages was so much fun that I created 3 online travel portals, with which I now earn the fixed costs for my agencies.
5 out of 5 stars
Nikolaus Weber
Nikolaus Weber
Coach und Trainer
I've had this website for my coaching for a good year now. Maintaining existing content and incorporating new information works flawlessly. I'm completely satisfied! Thanks to my website, all who are interested, can now receive useful information before even contacting me. As a result, I spend less time on the phone and more time in coaching. Special thanks go to the support team of betterbusiness, who have supported me extensively and honestly in the choice of an appropriate website builder.
5 out of 5 stars

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The Best Online Tools and Services for Your Business

Compare over 200 online tools and professional services with betterbusiness and take your online business to the next level.

or see full overview.

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